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Emotion Works resources and training packages support your work with children and young people in the following areas…

  • Emotional Education & Curriculum
  • Additional Support Framework and Personalised Approaches
  • Communication and Consultation

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Open Training Sessions


MONDAY 31st October, 4:30-7pm

at the Emotion Works Classroom, Edinburgh EH16 4NT

Introductory training plus starter resource pack & online membership until July 2017


Also available as Cascader Training Part 1 (visit our training page to find out more)

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Information Meetings

Special FREE previEW sessions coming soon…

To include…

> Resource browsing

> 1 hour CPD

> Practitioner testimonials

> Q&A

> Purchase opportunity

To tell us where you’d love us to run a previEW session, or if you’d like to host your own – please email hello@emotionworks.org.uk (nb hosted previews require representation from at least 4 different settings)